Monday, August 29, 2005

just one more today, I promise

yeah, so I've written three times today to make up for the lack of blogs before this.

I just had to share one more thing because it really ticks me off...

MY CREDIT CARD WAS STOLEN!!! Yes, my actual credit card was taken from me and used at several gas stations and at the mall before I cancelled my card.

Here's what happened: after Bible study last week, I stopped by James Coney Island for a late dinner and I used my Amex at the drive-thru. I remember thinking as I signed the receipt that it was funny they didn't return the card, but I just assumed I'd get it with my meal. Of course, I forgot about it until the next day...

JCI insisted there's no way one of their employees took it, that the card should never have been out of my sight. Well, first of all, the guy didn't even ring me up on the drive-thru register, so he already committed a major no-no with that one! Second of all, it's all purchases around the area - it HAS to be someone local and stupid (they used it at a teen store in the mall, so I figure it's one of their flunkie high school students).

Then the GM told me that she'd meet with her supervisor and look over the tape, because the policy is that the cashier gives the card back, or if something should happen, they give it to the manager on duty. Well, huh...POLICY WASN'T FOLLOWED!!! Imagine that! I think she wanted me to back down when they brought up the idea of video tape (maybe I was just looking for a quick dollar or something if they couldn't prove they didn't do it?), but I just said, "Fine. Great! I'd love to see them get caught!"

Surprise, surprise, I didn't hear back today, and I forgot about it until the manager was already off duty for the day. I can't wait to find out more. And I am greatly anticipating handing over the culprit's name to American Express so they can press charges! :o)

I am completely evil?

The thing that ticks me off the most is that I have several large purchases I need to make NOW, and I always make them with this card! Now, I have no way of making these purchases, and I'm running out of money in my bank account! With all my change in jobs, money is going to be tight for the next month, and this little cretin at JCI hasn't made it any better!
  • I need new clothes because I haven't had to dress professionally that often for the past year.
  • I'm flying to London for Thanksgiving and I need to buy my ticket before the price goes up any more.
  • I'm part owner of Clover Country Kennels (started with the 3 lovely danes my sister and I rescued), and one of the dogs is pregnant and needs to go to the vet!
  • I want to visit Laura in Virginia as soon as she has weekend leave!
How is any of this supposed to happen without a credit card???

I'll post more after I talk to the general manager tomorrow...

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