Tuesday, December 27, 2005

upgrades and downloads

So, my Christmas was wonderful...Lots of time with family, lounging about, great presents...though I probably didn't spend enough time celebrating the REAL reason for Christmas. It's hard to do when the materialistic spirit of Christmas starts floating through the air.

ANYWAY...the irony of my presents: my new 30GB video iPod can't hold very much because my PC only has a 15GB hard drive! It's a little hard to put more music on my iPod when my computer says that I have reached my limit. I think I have something like 100MB left.

So, new dilemma...
  • Rebuild my existing PC with Pentium 4 processor, larger hard drive, and a DVD burner.

  • Buy a new PC with all of the above, at least.

  • Buy a new laptop because they're great...and portable.

  • Buy a Mac. Because it's a cult and they're drawing me in. (I am so not kidding here.)

All of my Mac friends are quietly chanting "Buy a Mac. Buy a Mac. Buy a Mac." Yes, I understand that you *heart* your Mac. That nothing, save burning at the stake (and, for some, not even then), would make you change back to a PC. But is it the right choice for me???

Yes, I edit pictures. (My biggest feat so far? Taking Brooklyn out of a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge.) Yes, I do other multimedia-type stuff. Yes, I already own an iPod. Yes, I LOVE iTunes!

BUT...Even Mac owners will admit that word-processing is better on a PC. And I am a writer/editor! Unless I become interested in newspaper & magazine layout, all the best programs are PC-based.

And I already know how to get around a PC pretty darn well. I mean, I've been on a PC since I was around eight years old. I taught myself DOS when my stepdad would bring home a state-of-the-art Compaq "portable computer". I'm a big fan on keyboard shortcuts, which I don't know on Macs.

BUT Apple.com has the list of 10 reasons why you should own a Mac. #1 is that they don't crash. Amen to that. Another reason is because they are totally compatible with PCs. Reason #7 is "Join the Party." (or should we say cult?)

What to do, what to do...that's too heavy a question for this late at night.


Katie said...

as far as word processing, you can always buy microsoft office for mac. josh and i each have word and excel on our macs. the only thing really different about the programs is the keyboard shortcuts are different. but that kinda goes without saying since macs have that nice little apple key.

sharon hill said...

I'm going to be getting a Mac soon myself. I'm excited. =0D