Saturday, January 21, 2006

my wonderful nephew

See the one at the bottom? The one who's having trouble smiling because his brothers are quite heavy and his little sister is swaying back and forth to make them all fall over?

That's Craig. He's the oldest of them all. This week, he decided to help his mom get the cow she's been wanting forever (stop your snickering...I know she's a little bit country...And stop singing the song!)

ANYWAY...he decided to sell some of his stuff on eBay. If the link doesn't work, just go to and write "my mom have a cow" in the search. Craig's auction will be the first one that pops up.

People just keep coming to this site! And supposedly (or is it supposably?) someone has notified our local news and the both late show hosts (David Letterman & Jay Leno) to try and get more publicity for this. Who knows what will happen with that, but I just think it's great what Craig's doing.

He and his friends were talking about some girl who made a lot of money for Katrina, and they started thinking of what they could try to raise money for. And he wrote all this himself! I'm so proud of him.

Take a look, click on the "Watch this item" link, or make a bid even! No pressure, of course!

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