Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hello there!

So...it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that. It's hard to get back in the swing of things once you stop. I didn't want to leave something that wasn't "blog-worthy" if it was my first entry in a long time.

Do I have a revelation tonight? No, not really. But the hiatus is over!

Things that I am loving right now:
(1) My new church building! I don't have a good picture right now, but trust me, it's great. We had our last Sunday in the nearby middle school and it's on to permanent facilities! We shall see how crazy this weekend is.

(2) My friends! Make new friends, but keep the old... I've been planning trips lately, and I love being able to keep in contact with my friends that have left the Houston area. And I've been feeling very nostalgic - I want to get in touch with my roommate from my years at John Brown, and I want to get in touch with a couple friends from high school. I remember that my friend Sarah's grandmother runs the general store in Round Top, so next time I go to our friend's ranch in Brenham, I'm hoping to talk to her grandmother and get her number.
My friend Katie came to visit me last weekend, and we had a GREAT weekend together! It was just us girls (not that I don't love Josh, but the two of us had fun just the same) and we talked, watched TV, talked, went shopping at the Galleria, goofed off, talked, ate at Katz's Deli (one of the best Houston eateries), and talked! We have decided that we're not great phone buddies, so we had lots of catching up to do when she came down.

(3) my dogs! I love the way they think they're lapdogs when they're really >50-pound boxers!

(4) my new DVR! It's not as good as Tivo, but I'm waiting until they add dual tuners to their boxes. Right now, I'm using Time Warner's service. All I gotta say is, get Tivo if you can! My favorite shows: any episode of CSI, Lost, Survivor, Gilmore Girls, and Without a Trace. And of course Friends, but I don't Tivo that since I have the DVDs.

(5) my new hairdo! I got all my hair chopped off on Saturday, and I'm loving how it always looks good when I look in the mirror. And all the compliments I've gotten. I haven't had short hair for something like 5 years (I haven't even had bangs until recently!), but it was definitely time.


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