Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hotels aren't all they're cracked up to be...

As nice as my hotel room is, it is not home...but IS great to be taken care of!

I have definitely learned a lot about the people I work with...and how being around them 24/7 does not make them the greatest companions! And I am pretty open and talkative, and that's bitten me in the rear end a couple times already. My boss has the ability to completely flabbergast minute she acts like my best friend, and then she uses whatever she knows against me! And as much as she might think otherwise...I AM NOT LIKE HER!

but enough complaining! Life could be much worse. My bed gets made every day, I get free food in the concierge lounge for breakfast and dinner, money for most meals... :o)

I was reading an article about Thanksgiving meals, and I was thinking about the great Thanksgivings I've had lately. Two years ago, Laura's dad paid for me to go to Phoenix and have Thanksgiving with Laura and Wes. We surprised her the night before Thanksgiving and Laura and I spent most of the night planning an extravagant dinner for everyone. She was so thrilled to see me (and I was so excited to get a free ride to see my friend!) and we had a lot of fun that weekend. Then last year, I got to spend Thanksgiving with my dad, who I hadn't seen in a while...2001, maybe? We had definitely grown apart and didn't talk very often, and I really felt like we cleared the air between us that weekend.
And my little sister! Completely cool. Connie is so great and a lot of fun...I don't talk to her as much as I should, but it seems that we can pick up where we left off every time we do talk.

Just a bit of reminiscing! Talk to y'all later!

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