Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm trying my best

I try to get to my blog and write occasionally, but I don't get it done as often as I would like. Thanks all of you who continue to read my blog!

We have begun training here at the hotel, and I'm hard at work! There are good days and bad's definitely a good day! It was the first day of training and everybody was really nice and I got in touch with some speakers that we weren't sure would be able to speak (but they can!) And I'm done before 10 p.m.! I am in the office right now, with a little personal time to burn. Here's hoping I get some resumes out tonight!..or should I say, here's hoping some of the resumes I send out actually get me a job!

I was pretty discouraged yesterday because I don't deal with confrontation well and my boss was pretty mad at me for going to church (and working) that morning. It's not the whole "freedom of religion" thing, it was because I work there, and I am supposed to be working for her from now until August. It's just a matter that we have a different set of employees. I saw I had a couple hours that I wasn't necessarily needed in the office, so I headed out to church, when (I can admit now) I should have stayed at the hotel. Since training started today, Sunday was a pretty big day, which I didn't see beforehand. AND I don't know how helpful I was at church since my stomach was churning from the stress of dealing with it all!

My pastor Ken prayed over me and by the time I got back to the hotel I had calmed down. I get so incredibly dramatic - I really need to stop that! I make a big deal of small things, or just overanalyze so freakin' much!

ANYWAY...that's my life right now. Nothing very interesting, but very busy! Hopefully I will have some good stories to share in a week or so, when all the students arrive!

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