Thursday, June 23, 2005

The lap of luxury

Here I am, at the Renaissance Hotel! I will be here until the end of July and I have settled into my room already. For those of you who don't know, my well-paying job is working for a company called National Youth Leadership Forum, and in Houston, they do conferences for high school students interested in the medical field. In July, we're holding 2 10-day conferences and I just moved in to prepare. My room is on the 19th floor (top floor of guest rooms, no less!), right next door to the concierge lounge. When I got to my room yesterday, I found a big fruit basket with fresh and dried fruit drizzled in chocolate, and a fancy metal bucket filled with ice and bottles of Evian water. I'm living the hard life aren't I?

This job is a real wake-up call to the way that the rest of the world operates. I have always worked for Christians, if not in a church setting, at least in a very ethical workplace. Here, we deal with a lot of temporary staff, so it's harder to find people who take their job seriously and do the best job they can do. It's amazing how lazy people can be! It's always been obvious to me that I need to do my best no matter where I am, but that's not how most people think, I guess. And no one is willing to relinquish control, which means that there are at least three people who are all trying to take control, while I am just trying to understand what I need to do! No, I'm not perfect, and their bad moods usually rub off on me, but I am continually flabbergasted by the quality of work that I see around here. I promise, THAT won't rub off on me!

More from me later - I don't have my own computer, but I have access to one almost all the time. I will try to keep in touch while I'm here!

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