Thursday, June 16, 2005

a new day, a new perspective

Isn't it interesting what a couple hours and a good night's sleep can do for one's attitude? I was so frustrated when I wrote yesterday's blog, but after I had a few hours to myself (during which I got everything back in order), I was a much nicer person.

Yesterday, I was trying SO hard not to say anything about the situation because I knew I would be mean, angry and not fair. I told Sam - my boss (and worship pastor) at Faithbridge - enough for him to understand the problem (and he's pretty was clear things were not going smoothly) and he said, "why don't we debrief about this tomorrow? You gather your thoughts and figure out what we can do and we'll talk about it later."

First of all, we really didn't have time to talk anyway. But also, I would have said a whole lot of stuff that I didn't need to and I wouldn't have had the time to reflect on the whole situation. Talking about it today gave me time to write down exactly what was missing and what I needed and to cool down so I wasn't so dramatic. (can you dramatic?)

I am going to miss Faithbridge so much in July - my other job requires that I stay at the Renaissance Hotel downtown for the entire month (such is life!) and I won't be back at the church until August. No matter the difference in pay, I would rather stay at the church than earn a bunch of bucks.

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