Thursday, August 04, 2005

please pray!

Hello all!

This is a mass e-mail, asking for prayers (well, you
probably knew that by my title...)

There are two companies here in Houston that have job
openings that I have applied for. And I have an interview
at one on Monday, and the other will be scheduling me for
an interview on Monday.

First of all, please pray that the interviews go well! I
haven't been on too many interviews, so I'm a little
nervous. Pray that I will be prepared! (along with this, I
have never had to figure out how much I'm "worth" before -
I am very apprehensive about that!)

Secondly, please pray about what I should do in the event
that I get both jobs. In my understanding, they are both
mine to lose, so I could have a very big decision to make
next week. And pray for the next step I'll have to take if
I DON'T get either of these jobs!

The good thing: I have worked for both companies before, so
I know the environment at both and what to expect (and how
to dress!). The hard part is that I already favor one of
these positions more than the other, but the one would look
AWESOME on my resume if I seriously want to continue in the
publishing field.

I am excited to find out what my future will bring, and I
know that the time is coming soon for me to make that
decision where I will live and make my living, at least for
a while.

Please pray that I make the best decision!
thank you all - Bethany

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