Tuesday, September 27, 2005

musings, ponderings, wonderings

So much for a post last weekend, huh? There are SO many things I could talk about right now:
(1) the hurricane, of course
(2) my fantastic new job
(3) the random thoughts I think 1,000,000 times a day, and tell myself to blog about it (see how many times it actually makes it to the net?)
(4) a few of the many things that happened today that made me go "hmmm"
(5) this great new site I just found
(6) the behavior I hate the most that I have just discovered I do on a regular occasion

Here goes:
(1) Houston wasn't really hit, though my family was prepared to leave...we were packing the car and waiting for my sister to arrive with her crew when the first report came on Thursday saying the hurricane was shifting. My sister's area (Liberty County, near the Trinity River) got hit hard...she still without power and working with FEMA to figure out what can happen. Thank the Lord, her house is fine otherwise.

(2) My job's great! I have been working on department projects, so I feel like part of the team! But I've been working hard on training this past week, which isn't quite so much fun. But I fit in! I made a smart remark to my manager last week during a birthday cake break, and everyone commended me (including him) on my good comeback! Is it scary that my sense of humor has found a home?

(3) a list, at random: newscasts. "Rugged individualism" (doesn't this one sound like fun??? I'm pretty excited about writing about this one...it WILL come...the mind of an English major is always searching for essays to compose). Going to London (November) and Ireland (next September)! What God is doing in my life, and why the heck He cares when all I give Him at the moment is lip service (or so it seems).

(4) a.) When I was a kid, I think I was scared of public toilets. It all started during my years of private school, when the ENTIRE class was paraded to the bathroom during a break and you HAD to use the restroom. Personal experience: when I'm forced to do something, chances are I won't like it...especially when I was little. ANYWAY...I would come home from school about to wet my pants because I wouldn't go at school. But I've gotten over that now!
Today at work, I went into the ladies restroom. A toilet flushed right away, so I knew someone was in there. But the entire time I was in the bathroom, I heard no noise...no rustling of clothes, no opening of doors, footsteps, etc. This chick sat there in that stall until I left, doing absolutely nothing, not moving an inch! Isn't that a little weird? What, was she afraid I might HEAR her??? I didn't even know WHO it was!
b.) My grandmother, God bless her, *tries* to be helpful. She lets us know how we can improve our lives, if only we would follow her advice. And *some* IS helpful. And she'll do little things, like clean up something, with the expectation that she WILL be duly thanked and we will take over the task from then on. Tonight, we came home from a late dinner, and Grandma had left the vacuum right outside my bedroom door with a note "Needs emptied - has cat food and litter inside." First question: why didn't SHE empty it? All you have to do is take out the compartment, empty it and put it back! Second...what DID she do??? Come to find out, she'd vacuumed our spare room, where the cats' stuff is, and *improved* the room, to her standards. Hmmm...how thankful do I have to sound? We had to change it back because our cats are old. They HATE change and would express this hatred in ways I would rather not think about.

(5) A new kind of jigsaw puzzle. Check it out!

(6) Well, I have to leave SOMETHING for next time, don't I???


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Katie said...

she's back!!! yea!!!! i will have to check out that website. glad to hear you're doing ok and that at least one of us is enjoying her job! love ya!