Monday, November 14, 2005

quote for the day

"This anecdotal training in the understanding of women, gleaned from experience, books, advice, and mostly hurt feelings being hurled at him, fits in no previous compartment of his experience, and he has created a new memory bank just for housing it all. This memory bank is in a jumble. It is not coherent. Occassionally his more rational mind will venture in and try to arrange it, like a boy cleaning his room. But just when everything is in its place, the metaphor holds and two days later the room is a mess [...] He is like a child learning what is too hot to touch, and he hopes all this experience will coalesce into a philosophy of life, or at least a philosophy of relationships, that will transform itself into instinct. This fact-finding mission, in the guise of philandering, is necessary because as a youth he failed to observe women properly."
Steve Martin, Shopgirl

What a great line: "This fact-finding mission, in the guise of philandering..." Oh, is that the reason???

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Katie said...

quote for the day.

more like quote for the month!

where did yuo go? come back, bethany!!!