Tuesday, April 25, 2006

People are annoying, pt. 2

Just a note to everyone out there: Not everyone enjoys the same topics you do. Have a heart and put a little variety in your conversations!

I try pretty hard (I don't know how successfully - people don't tell me) to not give too much information about the things that I do. I figure that I should give them the basics, and they can ask questions if they would like to know more. That way, I'm not boring people with endless stories about myself. I think I've gotten pretty good at this, though again, I've never gotten confirmation.

I also do my best to be interested in what other people are talking about. I ask them questions when they're telling a story, and I bring it up later if there was something going on. People like others to be interested in what they're talking about. And why would you want to tell a story if no one seems interested?

I have a friend at work who really doesn't understand that concept. And it's getting on my nerves. He talks about one topic every day, and I'm really not interested. Especially when I hear him telling the exact same story to at least three other people in the department! OMG! Too much information! He has no concept of how to make a story short, and it drives me nuts. He's constantly pulling me away from my work, and he cannot come over, make a comment, and leave again. It would be okay if he says something and leaves - I do that to him all the time. No, he comes over and stays a while. EVERY TIME, EVERY HOUR...

It's just like talking on the phone - if every conversation you have with someone is really long, what are the chances you'll pick up the phone if you don't have 2 hours to spend talking? (Okay, did I just reveal too much about my tactics?) The same with this friend from work. I dread him coming over because it's never short. I think he's funny and I like hanging out with him. But it's always long, and I've got deadlines.

Quote from SNL to end this rant: "The FDA approved a new transdermal patch to treat depression. Just remove the backing, and place it over your mother's mouth." Or grandmother. Or other relative. Or friend. Or stranger...Could I get a package of 100?

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