Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hello, interwebs! I'm back! It's been forever since I've blogged, and I need a place to be creative, to be weird, to mock my sister do whatever I want.

The new theme is "Bethany in a Box".

I've recently come to the conclusion that I compartmentalize everything in my life.

There's Work Bethany - she's pretty cheerful, a hard worker, vigilant about people doing the best work they can, and chock-full of adrenaline from all the last minute projects that come through her department.

There's Home Bethany - she doesn't move once she gets in the house. If the grocery shopping doesn't get done on the way home, it's not getting done. She also needs a lot of space and is quite grumpy when she doesn't get it.

There's Church Bethany - she's a great worker bee, but has gotten to the point where she can only focus on the production quality of the service, not the actual content. Which has to change, pronto! But this Bethany's pretty darn reliable, too.

There's Friend Bethany - she can be loyal, but she's also flaky. She might not return your email or wall post for quite some time. It's not because she doesn't care... she even has several responses written in her head. They just never make it to you because Friend Bethany's not the greatest at follow-through.

There's Family Bethany - this one can get mixed with Home Bethany too much. Family Bethany's best friends are her mom and her sister, but they're also really annoying at times. (A statement that her mother disagrees with, btw.) Family Bethany also gets frustrated that no one likes to make plans, and that the end game is very rarely what she had expected. She also tries to spend a night a week, getting fed by her sister and spending time with her nephews and neice.

This is only a few of the Bethanys that might come out of the box on this blog. Feel free to mock - I fully intend to!

And maybe down the road, the Bethany that comes out of the box to write on this blog might be an amalgamation of them all.

Coming soon: Saluting-her-heritage Bethany - just in time for the holiday celebrating her family (if you know German, that is)

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Dana (the Homesteading Housewife) said...

Sooooo, which Bethany was it who called me too late to ask me what I thought of her blog post? Then, AFTER I told her it was a great post, Posted a whole new one?

and, make nop mistake.... I pointed out the part that says "Feel free to mock me" Not that I really need permission....